Ron Paul answers Donald Trump!

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Will 2012 be the end of the world?.. Well, yes for the NWO >>>>>> 2012 Ron Paul 2012

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Physician, author and statesman, Dr. Ron Paul (Republican of Texas) is the nation’s leading defender of free markets, limited government and strong families.

Congressman Paul serves on the International Relations committee and is chairman of the Financial Services subcommittee on Domestic Monetary Policy. Ron Paul works in Congress to end out-of-control government spending, reduce taxes and to defend the Constitution.

Dr. Paul is the New York Times best selling author of several books, including Challenge to Liberty; The Case for Gold; Freedom Under Siege; The Revolution: A Manifesto, A Foreign Policy of Freedom, End the Fed and the upcoming Liberty Defined (4/19/11). He has been a distinguished counselor to the Ludwig von Mises Institute and is widely quoted by scholars and writers in the fields of monetary policy, banking and economics.

In 2008, he ran a campaign for the Republican nomination for President, attracting both national and worldwide attention in a race where he raised over $35 million dollars.

Congressman Paul is the honorary chairman of Campaign for Liberty, a national grassroots organization dedicated to promoting and defending individual liberty, constitutional government, sound money, free markets, and a noninterventionist foreign policy.

Ron Paul and his wife Carol, make their home in Lake Jackson, Texas. They are the parents of five children and the grandparents of 18. A former Air Force flight surgeon, Dr. Paul is a graduate of Gettysburg College and Duke University Medical School. In his career as an obstetrician, Dr. Paul has delivered more than 4,000 babies.

Iran wants progress and advancement to be at the service of peace, global justice and welfare of human beings…

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Ahmadinejad Reassures Inventors, Innovators

President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad said Tuesday amending the law on registering inventions and innovations is on his government’s agenda.

“Presently registration of inventions is within the framework of registration of companies under the supervision of the judiciary. The fact that a scientific innovation and invention is subject to accurate study of (university) faculty members, was discussed at the Supreme Council of Cultural Revolution,” the president told the Third National Festival of Innovation and Prosperity, IRNA reported.
He said under the present circumstances an inventor who for years has toiled to complete an invention cannot stand up for his/her rights and is obliged to file a complaint with the judiciary.
“If the instruments for amending the law on registering inventions could be charted out at the Supreme Council of Cultural Revolution, we will change the law. If not, we will send a bill to the Majlis to amend the law,” he noted.
The president reiterated government backing for inventors and said his administration is determined to create the conditions for offering the opportunity to commercialize inventions.
“The National Foundation of Elites should mobilize for this purpose. The resources for the fund for supporting knowledge-based companies, which in essence are a form of support for inventors, will be made available to companies and innovators.”
He urged inventors and innovators to heed the humanitarian dimensions of scientific work and focus on self-confidence.
Ahmadinejad said Iran’s scientific drive is different from the Western model.
“The path undertaken by others has incurred irreparable damage on humanity…We should avoid that course. Our objectives and theirs are different. Iran wants progress and advancement to be at the service of peace, global justice and welfare of human beings…It does not want to plunder public wealth or humiliate the people,” he noted.


“Your New World Order will fail.”-Some guy in Chile confronts Rockefeller

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“Our numbers are growing!”

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“There will be much work for us to do in the next year and in the next Congress,” continued Paul. “We need look no further than the grossly unconstitutional and immoral policies of the Transportation Security Administration – demanding that we either be irradiated or fondled to travel in our own country – to see that those who would deprive us of our civil liberties on the empty promise of full security will not be giving up easily. We must continue standing up to them and we must not compromise. We must not allow the out-of-control Department of Homeland Security to impose an East German-like police state in the U.S., where neighbors are encouraged by Big Brother or Big Sister to inform on their neighbors. We must not accept that government authorities should hector us via television screens as we go about our private lives, like we are living in Orwell’s 1984.

“I am optimistic that the incoming members of Congress understand the importance of what they have been entrusted with by the American people,” closed Paul. “But I do hope that those who elected them will watch their actions — and their votes in Congress – carefully. An early indication will be the upcoming vote on reauthorization of the anti-American PATRIOT Act. Defeat once and for all of this police-state legislation will be a great way to start 2011 and the 112th Congress. We must move ahead with confidence. Our numbers are growing.”  More>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

Ahmadinejad keeps speaking truth to power. The failed New World Order shivers…

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Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad
Iran’s President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad says the altruistic nature of the Iranian nation has blocked enemy efforts to gain their objectives, emphasizing on the nation’s firm resolve to resist.

The Iranian nation will only rely on God and resist against arrogant powers with all their resources and without foreign support, said the president in the province of Semnan on Tuesday, IRNA reported.

He added that Iranians firm confronted global arrogance following the victory of the Islamic Revolution (in 1979) and single-handedly resisted against major global powers during Iran’s defensive war in 1980’s, “something that is more than a miracle.”

The president further noted that during the war the enemy also tried to portray our ‘sacred defense’ as aggression, adding that countries engaged in such ploys are today “on verge of collapse.”

He then asked, “Where is that former American president that claimed he wanted to uproot the Iranian nation?”

“Today, the Iranian nation is shining in the world. The name of Iran and its culture, history and values serve as a model and guideline for other nations in the world,” President Ahmadinejad concluded.


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Constitution of Iran to appear in ten more languages

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Internal News In media


5 Jan 2011 10:16
The latest cultural headlines in the media.

Constitution of Iran to appear in ten more languages

Tehran Times: The Al-Hoda International Publications will publish ten more translations of the Constitution of the Islamic Republic of Iran during the Ten Day Dawn celebrations.

The celebration is held annually from February 1 to 11 in commemoration of the anniversary of the victory of Iran’s Islamic Revolution of 1979.

The translation of the book into 31 languages was unveiled the previous February during a ceremony attended by President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, the director of Al-Hoda Publications told the Persian service of IRNA.

The book has been translated into the Hebrew, Swedish, Hungarian, Filipino, Georgian, Croat, Kurdish, Pashtu, Kyrgyz and Uzbek languages.

“This book has been translated into 41 languages by now and after the Holy Quran and the Bible, it is the most widely translated book,” he said.

A book containing paintings of the Islamic Revolution of 1979 provided with French, Arabic and English captions will also be unveiled during a ceremony during the Ten Day Dawn Celebration.

Release of the second edition of the Constitution of the Islamic Republic of Iran in English and Arabic demonstrates the warm reception of the book in these and other countries, he said


IAA director to accompany TSO on stage

Tehran Times: Director of the Iranian Academy of Arts (IAA), Ali Mo’allem Damghani will be reciting a piece of his poetry during a live performance of the Tehran Symphony Orchestra (TSO) at Tehran’s Vahdat Hall in late January.

The poem is composed and arranged for the orchestra by Mo’allem Damghani, and he will be reciting along with the performance on stage, TSO guest conductor Nader Mortezapur told the Persian service of IRNA on Tuesday.
Mo’allem Damghani, 59, is famous for his poems composed on the Islamic Revolution and 1980-1988 Iran-Iraq war known as the Sacred Defense in Iran.

The orchestra is scheduled to give the concert named “Devotees’ Book of Martyrdom” to mark the Arbaeen ceremony which marks the end of 40 days of mourning since Ashura, the 10th of Muharram, upon which Imam Hussein (AS) and his companions were martyred.

The symphony is composed by Gholamreza Haqiqifard, and singer Mohammad Abdolhosseini will accompany the orchestra.

Several Iranian traditional music players along with a choir will accompany the orchestra during its three-day performance that will run from January 21 to 23


Storybook Brings Slain Child’s Imagination to Life

Iran News: The little girl’s white, four-post bed is empty, her favorite doll Natalie atop it. Her pink plate and cup are set on the kitchen table; her vitamins await. The last CD she listened to is in her little stereo, the last lesson she learned on the blackboard, the last month she was alive frozen on the unturned page of the calendar.

Since a relative’s Thanksgiving Day 2009 shooting rampage at their home, Jim and Muriel Sitton have faced a horrific balancing act: moving on past the time-stopping grief of losing their 6-year-old daughter Makayla Joy, and helping to realize her unfulfilled dreams.

One of Makayla’s hopes — to someday publish a book — has now come to life in “The Bear’s Castle,” a simple story of a little bear who wants to make all his wishes come true. It is accompanied by a recording of the girl’s initial telling of the story.

“We are trying to bring something good out of the ashes that is our life at this point,” Jim Sitton said.

A foundation bearing Makayla’s name carries on her love of dance and music, and it receives all profits from sales of the book. An annual concert has been started in her honor. And her plans for a Christmas pageant are coming to fruition.

Her parents hope children who open the storybook will find some joy in one of her creations, a tiny fragment of the happiness she brought to her family. Yet they can’t paper over the past, so it simply remains untouched in their home in a manicured development in this beachside town since the night a family tradition turned into a massacre.

“How do you cope with that?” asked the girl’s father. “You don’t heal, time doesn’t heal. The hole is still there.”

Thanksgiving always was the family’s favorite holiday. Some 16 people gathered at their home Nov. 26, 2009, including a last-minute guest, Muriel Sitton’s cousin Paul Merhige.

They enjoyed a traditional dinner and then gathered in a horseshoe around their brown Baldwin piano to sing and dance, mostly church songs. As the night wore on, police say Merhige left the house, only to return with a gun.


Imam Khomeini’s Sayings, Photos Registered

Iran Daily:s A collection of sayings and photos of Imam Khomeini, the father of Islamic Revolution, has been registered on Iran’s Memory of the World List.

According to Fars News Agency, the collection includes over 900 hours of Imam Khomeini’s interviews, photos, statements and last will.

The collection, which is being kept at the Islamic Republic of Iran Broadcasting’s (IRIB) archive, will also be submitted for inclusion on the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) Memory of the World Register list.

The collection will be first submitted to the International Advisory Committee that guides the planning and implementation of the Memory of the World Program.

Director of Iran’s Evaluation Committee for the UNESCO program, Hojjatoleslam Mohammad Ali Abhari, said Iran submits two documentaries to UNESCO every two years.

“’The Shahnameh of Baysonqur’, one of the three ancient copies of Ferdowsi’s epic masterpiece, and the ‘Endowment Deed of Rab-e Rashidi’ were inscribed on UNESCO’s list in 2007,” he said.
The two-day workshop was organized to familiarize participants with the process of selecting and submitting documents to UNESCO.


English Translation of ‘Da’ Underway

Iran Daily: The Persian novel ‘Da’ is being translated into English by American university professor and translator Paul Sprachman.

Centered on the 1980-88 Iraq-Iran war (known as Sacred Defense), the book was a bestseller in 2009, Mehr News Agency said.

Released by Soureh-Mehr Publications, it tells the true story of narrator Zahra Husseini in the early days of the Iran-Iraq war. The story begins with her return from Iraq to Iran and continues with the heartbreaking events of the days when Khorramshahr was captured by the Iraqi Army.

The story is narrated beautifully with all the details. It also briefs one with the history of life and migration as it took place before the beginning of the war.

Paul Sprachman has so far translated other Soureh-Mehr publications such as Habib Ahmadzadeh’s ‘Chess with the Doomsday Machine’ and Amir Hosseini Fardi’s ‘Ismail’.