Murder With Remote Control

Murder With Remote Control

By Mohiaddin Sajedi

Amnesty International has announced that in the US Army’s Cruise missile attack on Abyan, Yemen in Dec. 2009 some 55 people were killed 41 of whom were civilians. This is while neither the US nor the Yemeni government has made references to this attack.
The so-called murder via remote control is a tactic of the US Army which started especially in Afghanistan during the presidency of George W. Bush and which spread further during the era of Barack Obama.
Every week there is word of the US military drones’ attacks on a region in Afghanistan in all of which it is claimed Al-Qaeda operatives or Taliban forces have been targeted.
So far, the US Army has not officially accepted the responsibility for such attacks, but all new agencies immediately report that the attacks were carried out by the US planes.
In one of the most recent such attacks, Al-Qaeda’s number three man, Mustafa Al-Yazid was killed along with his wife, three daughters and a grandchild.
In related news and analyses there is mostly a focus on the success of the US Army’s security and military operations and its effect on further weakening of Al-Qaeda and there is not much attention paid to the fact that Al-Yazid was killed along with his family members.
Is this kind of murder more ethical? It exactly looks like computer and play stations games, with the difference being that the user is a seasoned member of the US Army. The user sees the images received from the drone and targets become specified on the computer’s monitor. Then the user moves the mouse around and by clicking on the computer’s keyboard a few people are killed! It is not important how many people are killed. The important point is that one person or more of the targets are enemy people.
In the real scene of battlefield, a soldier sees his enemy and kills him. Exactly like the many incidents that took place in Iraq. It is likely that the soldier in question would become guilty conscious later or pieces of evidence may be found that suggest his action was not correct and that he did not have the right to attack a 13-year-old girl and rape her after killing all her family members; however in the so-called remote control murder the US military user does not see anything else on his computer monitor than the target.
This kind of murder is aimed at satisfying the conscience of the US military user and obviously certain decision-makers in Washington consider it to be ethical, as it does not exert psychological pressure on anybody!
Expansion of such operations in the US Army will entail horrifying results. Before the us, the Israeli Army invented the remote control murder in attacking Palestinian combatants. Israel immediately killed the person who it thought could be dangerous for it in the future. At the time when BBC described such operations as acts of terror, it eventually succumbed to the objection of the Israeli prime minister of the time, Ariel Sharon and remained content with using the term planned murder in its news and analyses.
In a pragmatic division, the people of the world are categorized into eastern and western and the people of Africa are also viewed as eastern. It is very easy to kill eastern people.
The people of Turkey, like those in Palestine, Afghanistan, Iraq and Yemen are considered as eastern, but Israel and its people are viewed as part of the West! Civilians are murdered through remote control in Afghanistan and Yemen and the perpetrators are expected to be rewarded.
Of course, there are also exceptions. Israel killed an American peace activist, Rachel Corrie in Gaza in 2003. Another American peace activist was recently shot in the left eye in the West Bank by Israeli forces. One of the nine people gunned down in the recent Israeli attack on aid flotilla bound for Gaza was an American of Turkish descent.
Washington has not displayed any serious reaction to these three murders. It is high time that defining and categorizing human beings is revised.
Does such a categorization of the people of the world help Obama get closer to the hearts and minds of eastern and Muslim peoples? About one year has elapsed since Obama’s speech at Cairo University.
However, Obama’s moves in this time span have clearly removed all doubts and proven that the US policies will never change.

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