Your subconcious has been hijacked!

The Four Horsemen, Doom, the Doomed, and All Things Doomy.

WWIII looms just upon the horizon, the grim specter of war beckoning the foolish and unwary with a death’s head permanent grin. Hawks revel in the updraft of hot air released from the pontificating flatulence that passes for political discourse in the nation’s capital. Bang the gong softly and bang the gong slowly my son. The tempo will build and the sounds grow thunderous until few remember when the drum was silent and that the world could indeed exist without such counterpoint to the song of life. “It was ever thus”, they shall say. Of pestilence there is plenty. Chemtrails descend upon us from on high like a plague of locusts. Cancers, tumors, heart disease and autistic spectrum disorders assail us from the four corners of the food chain and the pharmeceutical vampires we have willingly invited into our homes. Relax though, because DU has a half-life even if tumors and death do not. Your great great great great great great great grandchildren will do okay as long as you don’t make us bomb you again in the next 30,000 years. READ MORE>>>>>

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